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Why am I having problems downloading apps from the App Store?


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Having problems down loading apps from the App Store.

I've just purchased a iPad air my first mobile device.
Started down loading apps from the AppStore mainly games without any problems.(taking advantage of free apps so I haven't spent or wasted any money)
Successfully downloaded 23 apps inclueding Netflix and then suddenly every time I try to download all I get is a grey symbol with circles and lines with the name of the app or a message stating waiting.
Well I have been waiting 10+ days for most of the.
Also it was suggested by who ever suggest these things to upgrade 3 of the apps that I had successfully download did as advised now these apps are in a state of waiting 24 hours so far.
Can anybody advise me on what the problem may be and how to resolve it?


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Oct 3, 2010
Re: Having problems down loading apps from the App Store.

What iPad are you using? Is it updated to the latest OS? Settings, general, software update? Have your restarted the iPad?