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Why am I getting an error message in recovery mode unknown error?


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In the recovery mode i have an "unknown" error...

I try to reinstall Yosemite OS X using "Reinstall OS X" in OS X Utilities. When i selct and press Continue i get a new window that says

" OS X Yosemite
To set up the installation of OS X 10.10, click Continue.
when i click, a dialog window pops up with a message

to download and restore OS X, your computer eligibility will be verified with Apple.

with "Cancel" and Continue buttons.

When i click continue i get the following message

An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running the application again

with an OK button. When the button is pressed, it returns back to the OS X Utilities.

My wireless seems connected.


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Jan 8, 2012
Re: In the recovery mode i have an "unknown" error...

Have you verified that you indeed have a good internet connection? Can you get to your desktop screen to install Yosemite via the App Store? If you can't get to your desktop screen, have you made a bootable disk to be able to install OS X Yosemite from scratch?