? who wants my i phone 3g ?


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Jul 14, 2008
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Well yes. I know it seems a little intense for a first time apple user but for some reason, the Iphone doesn't satisfy my needs. however the phone itself is wonderful. The only reason that bothers me is that i live in a forest aka " in the middle of know where " luckily with 1 or 2 bars. Now i wish there was tethering . .. that would have been the highlight of my joy. but, apparently mac didnt put it in... i understand though. Also when i text, of course i loose signal so i have to put it next to a window and wait for the bar to come back. Then once again i have to push "send" uhg... i cant live like this no more :( and safari absorbs enormously amount of data. it took 4 > minutes < to load " the iphone blog " uhggg sorry for these unesscory thoughts yall do not suffer throuhg. but yess. i think its time to get rid of the phone [about 5 days] of use.

unless any one finds a way to tether the phone ;) lol and find a neat o sms app. in other words, i am not hating nor disgracing the iphone. It just simply does not meet my satisfaction :(

but i'd appreciate if any knows a way around the iphone 3g :)
let me knoww! or ill just simply sell the phone:eek:

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Dec 16, 2004
If you're that unhappy take it back and get your money back. You're in the 30 day trial period so you shouldn't have a problem.

I only get 1 bar of reception in my house (stupid aluminum siding) but the phone still works. I get 3 bars when I step outside so its definitely my house that's causing the low signal strength. There are signal boosters available, but they're pricey.

VOIP is coming soon. There's already Truphone. You could just use VOIP while your at home on your WiFi network. That's actually what I plan to do once iCall is available. If its taking you that long to load a web page then you're probably on the Edge network instead of 3G or WiFi. Get onto a proper high speed network and you won't have that problem anymore.

I'm forgoing SMS and switching to AIM and email. SMS can be sent to email and to AIM so there's no reason that this switch shouldn't work. I've only had a few incoming SMS messages to deal with so far and when I want to send one I just go to AIM and send it from there.

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