Which ipad should I get?


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Nov 8, 2011
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I dont mind getting refurbished or slightly used electronics (most people keep their phones etc. in a case these days, so its virtually as new anyways) since I can often save a third of the price or more.

And Ive been itching to upgrade my ipad 2 ever since the ipad 3 came out. Was actually about to buy it in the next week or so but then... Well you know what happened on Tuesday.

On one hand it's pretty nice, since the prices of refubrished ipad 3s have fallen quite a bit. But on the other hand...

What should I do, forum? Get a brand new ipad 4 or a refurbished ipad 3?!?

Here's the deal as I see it... I can get a refurbished 32gb ipad 3 a little cheaper than a brand new ipad 4 16 gb. I can't afford to spend much more than 500 dollars on it (Christmas and kids, you know how it is), but my old 16 gb ipad 2 ran out of space pretty fast, so I definitely see the advantage of getting a 32 gb.

They both have the same screen, right? The increased resolution is one of the biggest reasons why I want to upgrade, so if the gorgeous display in the ipad 3 is the same as in ipad 4, that kinda counts in the 3's advantage.

The ipad 4 has the Lightning connector, which I actually really like. (Makes plugging it in easier) The old connector on the other hand means that I can use it with all the accessories that are out there right now, instead of waiting for them to upgrade. (I have a speaker dock and the camera connector, so changing connectors will be a slight hassle, but not really a dealbreaker)

And then there's the camera and the CPU. The camera is the same, as I understand, but the CPU and graphics are twice as fast. It would be really nice to be futureproof for the next two-three years, but its not like the ipad 3 is a slouch, right?

Need somebody to push me in either direction, so what to do here? Get a 16gb ipad 4, or a 32 gb ipad 3?



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Oct 26, 2004
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I'd say get the ipad 3 32gb. You got existing accessories which will cost you to replace. You'll end up saving significantly. You should be fine for a couple of years. You get the benefit of a retina screen which is the only real reason you'd want to upgrade from an ipad 2.


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Dec 28, 2012
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My answer is iPad 3.The new iPad 3 displays four times more razor sharp and clearly defined image/text and graphics in the 9.7 inch display screen. Each picture and icon seems life like, vivid and displays immense richness of color. Superb.I was also confused as you and could not decided that what should purchase, so i visited some sites to get help then i searched this site which i am going to share you ,it helped me a lot and i finally i decided to purchase iPad 3.and its good

Apple iPad 3


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Sep 21, 2012
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Go for iPad 3. I did the same two weeks ago, upgrading from iPad 2 16GB to iPad 3 32GB. And after putting it next to my friend's iPad 4 there was NO difference both in terms of speed AND graphics. Unless you are a serious crazy gamer the third generation will just do the job perfectly!

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