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Which Cellular Plan for new iPad?


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I am getting a new iPad mini w/retina display and want to know people's experience with the different carriers. I have Sprint as my cellphone carrier and like them. I am trading in a first generation iPad w/64gb+AT&T cellular (which in 3-4 years I've used a total of 2 months) but still want the option in my new iPad. I live in the DC area and 'everyones' service is spotty in places. Any advice?


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Mar 9, 2010
Hello and welcome to iMore,

It really comes down to the service that is provided in your area however I would consider looking at T-Mobile, not sure what their service looks like in DC however they do allow you to have 200 megs of data free for every month, no strings attached.


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Sep 24, 2012
Maybe get the iPad mini with T-mobile and you get the free 200mb per month, especially since you aren't using the cellular much at all. Then, you can always use another carriers SIM later if that doesn't work as all iPad Air and mini use the same hardware, not specific to a carrier. Also, the T-mobile versions seem to be much easier to find in more Apple stores at last check.

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