Which apps have you decided to buy twice?


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Jul 21, 2009
iPhone and iPod Touch owners...which apps have you decided to buy in HD?

I'm trying to decide if I want to plunk down the money to buy HD versions of my favorites. I decided that I'd only purchase an HD version IF the HD version offered additional functionality that fits into my cost vs benefit anal is ratio. If I decided not to go with that developer because I feel they are just in this game to empty my wallet I'll go with a developer that harges more but uses universal binary.

Don't get me wrong I know developers aren't doing this for the love factor. I know they are in it to make money but I can tell a greedy developer from a developer's developer.

So, Ok guys if you are an iPhone owner you are deciding which apps are worth paying for a second time if the developer isn't kind enough to use universal binary.

With that said for the developers that do use universal binary I want you to know that I appreciate you and I will make it a point to support you buy buying your apps. I think others will back me up on that.
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Jul 14, 2008
Here's my list:
  • Reeder for iPad is top of the list. Good god this is an amazing feed-reader
  • MLB.com At Bat for iPad (gotta use the company app - keeps me off the streets!)
  • Words with Friends HD is nice to see the larger board.
  • Galcon Fusion if you're a fan of Galcon and Galcon Labs
  • MotionX GPS HD
  • ReaddleDocs for iPad (I use this for school)
  • Goodreader/Airsharing HD

That's it so far for ones that I've had to pay for to buy in the larger format.

Generous developers who have seen fit to grace us with uni-bins?
  • Delivery Status Touch
  • Documents to Go Premium
  • FlightTrack
  • Strategery
  • LogMeIn Ignition
  • Touchpad
  • Instapaper Pro
  • pCalc
  • SkyGazer/SkyVoyager
  • WolframAlpha
  • 1Password Pro

To be fair, I am grateful for apps that have been made into uni-bins, and have willingly handed over cash for non-unis, as I recognize that additional work went into their production.


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Jul 21, 2009
Don't get me wrong, i'm willing to throw down cash for non universal binary apps as long as they give me some benefit above and beyond what I have on my iPhone. But if it is the same old same old I'm not going to do it. Simple.

Flight Track was a godsend last night on my ATL to SFO flight...that was 2hrs late and got in to SFO @ 1:50am. The developers of Flight Track will get my money for anything they develop. I'll support them till the end of time along with the LogMeIn Ignition people. I wasn't going to sign up for another year but since they went the universal binary route...I'll plunk down the dough.
Here is a developer that is going universal binary. Check him out and support his efforts if he has apps available that you like.
Universal iPad Apps ? Majic Jungle Blog
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