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Where is the .png for the ok and cancel on lock screen?


New member
Dec 29, 2014
Where is the .png for the "ok" and "cancel on lock screen

I have a jail broken iPod touch 4g iOS 6.1.6. I have an iOS 7 theme installed but the ok and cancel buttons really stand out on my lock screen, I have ifile so I wanted to alter the .png and make it fit in better. My question is, where is it? I've searched through countless pictures in the inner working of my iPod but haven't been able to find it. Is it just the black background I'm looking for? Because the text might be in a .strings file somewhere instead of a .png . If anybody knows about it, please elaborate


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: Where is the .png for the "ok" and "cancel on lock screen

You might consider asking this in a forum geared exclusively to jailbreak/theming... the jailbreak community here is just not as robust as it used to be...