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Where can I trade in my 4S so i can buy the 5?


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Jan 14, 2011
I apologize in advance as I imagine this question has been asked and answered.

I had an interesting conversation with a Verizon supervisor. I am not eligible for a discounted upgrade for awhile. However, I was advised that I can switch over to the family plan adding a second line to be used for my ipad. i will lose unlimited data but I dont use much anyway. Bottom line, I would be eligible for a discounted upgrade every year and hence theoreticaly for each new iphone (of course, unless they change this) . This June for the old line and the following year for the ipad line.

The Verizon supervisor showed me that I can trade in the $s for $233 and so there would be a net cost of approximately $70 for the Iphone5. However, he suggested that I sell it elsewhere as i can get much more for the 4S.

Can someone please advise which legitimate sites I can sell the old iphone 4S to without a hassle for a better price.


Sep 7, 2010
You're a fool if you sell the 4S for less than $350...you can sell it within a few minutes on eBay or Craigslist for $350+ (I sold mine for $425 the other day to a co-worker, but had about 30 emails in my box from the Craigslist ad i put up). Those trade in programs are going to take a very large chunk of profit you'd make with your iPhone, and to be honest, with as little effort as it takes to sell the thing, why a person would want to take a $100 hit for a few minutes of effort is beyond me.
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Oct 26, 2004
I saw where ebay was doing a buy back and offering 400 for a 64gb att iphone. Not too bad because no ebay fees, free shipping. But they could ding you on "damage."