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Where can I get my Mobile Phone Repaired?


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Mobile Repair

Hello all, I just replaced the home button and cable on an iPhone 6 last month actually the problem was home button was unresponsive only. Now fitting the new cable to the phone I found I couldn't get the phone to turn on and only disconnecting and reconnecting the battery after refitting the original cable but phone is still unresponsive. Right now, I am in Hawaii for 8 months. I repaired my phone when I was in New York. Few people here recommended me TCAWireless. What's your take on this place ? I am running out of ideas, any suggestions from you wise people?


New member
Jan 15, 2016
Re: Mobile Repair

Hi there, welcome to iMore!

Your best bet is to take the phone directly to an Apple store and see if they can help you.

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Re: Mobile Repair

Since you've replaced your home button through a third party the Apple Store may not help you. I don't have any experience with TCAWireless but at this point your phone is unresponsive and you're in Hawaii, so your options are rather limited.
You can try contacting Apple Support to see what options they have for you.
Good luck!