When you switch carriers do you have to purchase a new iPhone 6?


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I have an iPhone 6 with Verizon but am going to switch to Sprint service. When I went in to the store the salesperson said that I would need a new phone with the Sprint service programmed in. They said that they could switch it and I could use my existing phone but that the service wouldn't be as good and that I would only have about 50% of the service I would have if I bought a leased their phone. Is this true? or are they just trying to get me to sign up for their leasing program.


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Oct 22, 2010
With Verizon & Sprint, because of their legacy CDMA networks that are used for voice, you will need a device OEMed specifically for Sprint... because that's the way Sprint works even though it would be technically feasible to use a "Verizon" phone on Sprint's network - they won't do it.