When my iPhone 6s arrives should I restore from backup or setup as new?

Sargent Pepper

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Sep 24, 2015
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Hi guys newbie here,

I'm very interested in this topic as I'm yet to update my iphone5s to ios9 and subsequently not upgraded my apple watch to os2 either. However whilst preparing my current phone to be sold i unlocked the network restrictions by doing a reset and as a result had to re-pair my watch (which lost my activity info) and several iPhone apps need reseting (which I've not done thinking i'd have to do it once my 6s comes anyway)

I'm not bothered about keeping old messages or photos (as long as photos stay on the photos app on my mac) as i'm looking forward to starting a new collection with the better camera. But i would like to keep my contacts, calendar, iTunes etc. How would i do that if i start anew and will i still be able to link it with my other devices (macbook pro, iMac, ipadAir2)?