When I delete a selected messages from my thread, the thread still shows the date of the conversation. Why does it do this?


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Deleting selected messages from thread, but thread still shows the date of the conversation.


My husband and I have a great relationship; however, I noticed something strange on his phone the other day. When inside his text messages, it showed that he texted another woman a couple days ago, but when I clicked on the conversation to open it, there was nothing there from a couple days ago - only from the last time they texted.
I asked if he talked to her and deleted anything and he says he never talked to her and of course I trust him - He's spoken with her in the past and it's never caused any problems with us, so I don't see why he would lie, but phones rarely lie.

Does anyone have any answer as to why this could have happened? I feel like I'm going in circles because I have no concrete answers.

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