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Whatsapp not conecting


iMore Question

I use Whatsapp on my Iphone 5s. I've never had any problems until yesterday it stopped connecting.

Starting yesterday I woke up and was using whatsapp like normal. Then after a couple hours of use my messages just stay on 1 check. no matter who I send them to. I verified that my friends were online and they said they weren't receiving my messages. Then when they send me messages they don't arrive and who up as 1 check on their phone. The odd thing is that after about 4 hours the messages would go through but the times would show up as the time they were originally sent.

This continued until yesterday afternoon and then my whatsapp was back to normal. I thought it was just a glitch and used whatsapp with no problems all evening and all morning. Now at about the sime time that it stopped working as yesterday I'm having the same problem.

I thought this may be because of the Wifi connection that I use when I'm at work and that it was simply that causing problems. But for the first hour of the day it was no problem. It also doesn't work on mobile data either.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? I tried restarting my phone many times, going in and out of airplane mode, and I even deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing seems to fix it.

Your help is appreciated!