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Feb 25, 2013
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Most of the women have already known well how to lose weight but always failed due to variety of difficulties such as weak perseverance. Our new App--NICE+ Weight Loss Plan is born to help you achieve your slim dream more easily.

Thousand Lotus team developed NICE+ Weight Loss Plan, it provides simple tasks to develop a customized weight loss plan for each user. The tasks of weight loss are always fresh, targeted and never repeat every day. Help users keep motivation and keep in shape sustainable. Available in iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id597336062?at=10l3Vy. App video:
How to use NICE+? - YouTube[/url].

How does NICE+ Weight Loss Plan work?

What will you get in free-download NICE+ app?
1, Personal privacy account used to track your physical situation and weight loss goals;
2, Free to take professional personalized evaluation every week, find out most serious problem each time;
3, Post simple and variety tasks according to the evaluation results every day;
4, A mini-completion summary provided in the end of each week;
5, Weight record function can help you track body weight in a timeline;
6, A free trial for 1 week is provided in the beginning.

Why choose NICE+ to lose weight?
1, Strongly simple to use. Do you feel that the well-known weight loss methods so difficult to persist and always failed in the end? But NICE+ Daily smart tasks efforts in finding out one problem each time and focus on resolving it in 1 week.
2, No boring tracking. Feeling complicated to track what you eat and exercise every day? Or always have no ideas to arrange your daily tasks? NICE+ helps you to resolve these troubles, telling every details of how to lose weight. It?s actually never hard to be nice.
3, Sustainable effective. NICE+ gives much easier methods to develop the healthy and scientific life-style and makes difficult to rebound.


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