What's up with my iPad air doing spooky copying on its own?

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iPad air: spooky copying on its own?


I am a tech person so I am having a hard time believing this- but I need some answers. I am not a big Mac person so I could be unaware of certain things.

On the weekend, I was using my husband's iPad. I wanted to copy this one link to paste in the address bar -so I highlighted the text and pressed the text and hit copy. When I went to paste the text in the address bar - something else came up. It was a small message that was perhaps sent to someone. The message was very hurtful (something along the lines of "hey buddy.. miss u so much.. tired of this current situation... text me ur number."). I asked my husband about it (grilled him) to the point where he told me he has no idea how it got there if he did - he would tell me. He tells me everything and he is upset that I am crying over this. He then proceeds with saying how he wants to grow old with me and be one of those crazy old couples. He would never cheat on me or anything like that. I did not even bring the cheat card up - he just assumed I called him out on cheating.

The statement that I pasted in the address bar is the same context my husband texts. He does not spell "you" out and he does the .... However, I am pretty sure I have never heard him say hey buddy to anyone in the five years we have been together.

I just want to know.. if anyone has experienced a iPad or any other apple products copying something that they never copied before. If that makes sense? We are the only two that uses the iPad. It is locked so someone would have to ask for the use of it by asking us for the passcode. We never take it out of the house either. I certainly did not copy that text. The weird thing is why would this text be copied? I asked him to log into facebook and his emails and could not find this statement anywhere. I even did an exact word search in Google and could not find it.

Is he lying to me? I am ready for the answers - no matter how difficult it will be.



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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: iPad air: spooky copying on its own?

I doubt any of us can tell you how that link got there or whether or not your spouse is lying. Those are non-technical and personal issues that need to be resolved outside of iMore. Take care.
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