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What's for Dinner tonight?


Mar 2, 2016
I'm cooking... which is shocking because I don't like to cook. But I'm craving a dish that only I will make! I was searching through my [URL="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anylist/id522167641?mt=8&at=10l3Vy]AnyList app[/URL] for the recipe, and discovered I had never entered it. So I found the recipe, and loaded it into the app. It was easy breezy!

Now let's hope making the dish is as easy! The dish is one I got off a package of Bob Evan's Italian Sausage: Italian Pasta Florentine!


Mar 27, 2015
I have really changed what I Now eat after becoming a heart patient and my twin brother Don and my diet consist of chicken, pork and fish and we try and have a nice healthy salad twice a week.

I have went from 336 pounds down to 270 pounds in a year and I feel better then I ever have.

We don’t fry any of our foods and many bake and broil our food and have felt better then I have in years. Just thought would pass it along.