What you're missing on an Intel Mac


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Aug 27, 2021
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You can make an app’s interface look almost the same whatever the cpu architecture. If that’s all that matters to a user then probably stay with the x86. You’ll miss out on only a few features.

This comes down to what’s under the hood. Arm architecture that Apple licenses allows Apple to build a task specific cpu (a full SOC). M series literally built to specifically run the OS the way Apple wants the OS to be. This is in contrast to the general purpose Intel x86 cpu. When you use general purpose you have to write the OS to fit the chip. See the massive distinction? So as time goes on MacOS should become better and better as Apple tailors the chip to what they want the OS to do (on that front. The eventual obsolescence of the Intel mac will be a boost to MacOS).
The task specific chip will allow for new and different designs, vastly better battery and power consumption, greater computing power also including due to optimization, and greater interoperation with other devices using the same purpose built chip. Imho the MacBook is a BMW. The m series MacBook is bmw inside and out. The Intel Mac is a mostly a bmw on the outside while a standard off the shelf engine and internals on the inside

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