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What would happen if I Jailbreak my bill-pay iPhone 5s?


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What would happen if i Jailbreak my bill-pay iPhone 5s

I have recently got a plan with Vodafone for my iPhone 5s

I want to Jailbreak my iPhone to get custom fonts, icons, animations etc

But i am not sure whether i can jailbreak it while i am on bill-pay with vodafone, do they have some way of tracking your phone, will they take it back or block it?

Any answers accepted

Ariel Babalao

Well-known member
May 8, 2014
Re: What would happen if i Jailbreak my bill-pay iPhone 5s

It's ok to jailbreak your iPhone 5s if you can actually jailbreak it, Vodafone will not know anything about it, Apple will not know anything about it as well, should you have to take the phone to Apple Store or Vodafone for a repair for example, all you need to do is to backup your files, factory restore the iOS, then take the iPhone to Vodafone or Apple.
But I doubt that you can actually jailbreak your currant iOS version, unless you have not upgrade the iOS.

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