What native iPhone application/feature do you use least?


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Feb 24, 2009
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Ha ya same here...use the clock every single day if not twice a day (nap-time!!). What are some good alarm replacements? I dont mind the native clock but wouldnt mind trying something new.
Also, i never touch stocks, itunes, or youtube


Mar 6, 2009
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Never use:
iTunes (If I want to listen to a song, I'll YouTube it)
Weather (WeatherBug Elite is a must-have for my daily bike commute to work)
Stocks (Doesn't investment cost money?)
Contacts (I don't see the point in this one, given the duplicate functionality in "Phone.")

In fact, I use each of these so infrequently, they're hidden from view on my jailbroken 3G.

Those I use but thought I wouldn't:
Voice Memo (Often snag blurbs of songs off the radio or from live performances as a "learn to play this" reminder)
Spotlight Search (It's quicker, in fact, to spotlight search a contact to call than to navigate through the Contacts or Phone Apps, at least by two taps. No Voice Control love for the 3G, I'm afraid--I see Voice Control as a complete replacement for most of the handy functions of Spotlight)
Calculator (One of those "You don't miss it until it's gone" apps)


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Aug 19, 2009
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Commenting on comments in general:

Clock: This is a must have for me, and I don't even travel that much. Timer for cooking, multiple alarms for multiple situations, and I may get rid of my old alarm clock soon and rely only on my phone (might as well in order to save money!). I don't use the stopwatch or the worldclock but the other two features are huge. Those of you who don't use the alarm, which can be set to go off once a day or on specific days without having to actively turn it on each day, why the heck not? :) I can only think that you don't keep your iphone charged enough and don't want it to give out in the middle of the night.

Stocks: Few average people directly own stocks (most people in the stock market are in 401ks). I think for the few people who use the Stocks app it's reasonable, but for the majority, it's the most useless. This is probably the result of "Steve-down" development where he insisted the ability to review stocks from the iPhone.

I personally don't do voice memos, but there are plenty of people who find giving themselves voice memos are huge. Those are features are of lots of other phones.

The contacts icon was put in by Apple according to customer demand, but I've not heard anyone here who's said they use it. I always go into the phone icon because it's how I'm used to accessing contacts. Yeah I find it useless.

spotlight: to the few people who said they don't use this, it's probably because you don't need to A) search thousands of emails and B) Search thousands of contacts. The more records you have, the more useful spotlight is. When you have so many records in different apps, spotlight becomes more than 50% of the interface. Want to find something? Search for it and tap on it. If you have a reasonable organizational structure and far less records, you don't save time over the long run using spotlight so it's easy to see it's not useful for some.

iTunes- I never use iTunes to download songs, but I use it CONSTANTLY to download new podcasts! I don't know if there is another way to download podcasts but that's huge. And podcasts are free! Using your home PC is faster to refresh daily podcasts but I don't have a laptop to take with me, nor is my home PC always available to me, so getting new podcasts when I'm out and about is important to me.

Weather - I use the weather channel myself, but regardless of weatherbug or the weather channel, the built in weather app is pretty tame. I think some people might use it simply because it's a quick forecast and temperature, but too many of us want more than that (hello radar anyone? :))

It would be nice to manage or hide apps. Hopefully OS 4.0 will have a better icon management system than the simple home screen. I'm trying to avoid going to 5 pages worth of apps, and I have four apps I'd just like to hide.


Jul 23, 2009
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For Me -

I don't use Stocks very often (only because I don't track the stock market at all) :D maybe I should start! But if I did - I would certainly use that app more often - it's loaded with tons of stuff

Weather - I use weather alert and weather bug (they have much more detailed info)

Earless Puppy

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May 6, 2009
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Stocks ( not needed and limited )
Second contact button ( another springboard location waste )
Landscape keyboard I don't use much and I wish you could turn off then accelerometer and the iPhone would lock in position and accept a two finger rotation to turn the screen.
VoiceMemo I have no need for
Compass is another app I wish I could leave off the phone
Weather App, this is helpful but there are better ones with duplicate functionality out there


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Mar 21, 2009
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Don't use:

1) Weather (Like The Weather Channel)
2) Voice Memo (Useless in my opinion)
3) Spotlight Search (Forgot to list in my original. Shows you how much I use it, LOL)

I wouldn't trade my iPhone for anything else!
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Aug 19, 2009
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Stocks I check maybe once a we to see what my job is trading at.

I absolutely HATE the contacts app and weatherbug elite is where it's at but the icon doesn't have that simple styling that the rest of my homescreen has. I wish secs would stop putting words in the icon. That's why it's called an ICON.


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Aug 19, 2009
Stocks is my least used app.

I use Spotlight all the time. I frequently fill up all eleven pages with apps and it can be quicker to Spotlight the name and run it from there than to look for it manually or even to swipe to the page it's on. It's also good to find a contact or email. Spotlight has made doing many things MUCH more quicker and convenient.

Voice memos can be useful to many people. Executive or administrative assistants still take dictations from their bosses and have to type up meeting notes. Dr. assistants also have to take long dictations from the Dr. Students still like to record lectures, etc. After all, the app was added because it was requested allot from users.

Leanna Lofte

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Sep 7, 2008
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1. Stocks
2. YouTube
3. Voice Memos
4. Contacts
5. iTunes

I seriously never use these apps. I don't own any stock, quality of YouTube videos is a waste of my time, not interested in recording myself, Contacts is just dumb since it's in Phone app, and the few times I actually buy music, it's with iTunes on my computer.

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