What is your opinion on this headset?


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Jan 15, 2016
I recently purchased an iPhone 6s plus. I am looking for a good quality headset for my device, with some of the important features...

1) The sound quality should be outstanding with good active noise cancellation
2) It should have remote buttons for attending, cancelling the calls, it should be able to control volume and skip the tracks.

So i came across the headset.

Amazon.com: Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphone - Black: Electronics

What is your opinion on this headset? Should I go for it?

If you truely want to know where the headphones sit in relation to better/worse than other brands, check the audiophile forums.

I think Sennheiser is a great brand personally. But like every brand they have their duds in the bunch. However, looking at the reviews it would seem to be a really nice headset. If you don't look into the audiophile forums I encourage you to look at other online shopping outlets and check the reviews there, too.

Keep in mind the reviewers themselves also. Some reviewers are clueless.

Trying them out in the store can be tricky if you consider the equipment being used to play the music.


Jan 29, 2016
i am using the Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Stereo Audio Headphones, very nice sound and comfortable, i have small ears and often its hard to find a headset that over time doesnt hurt my ears or give me a headache, i havent had that problem with the 2.0