What is YOUR* idea of a perfect theme?


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Nov 6, 2011
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ok so i dont want a bunch of people to spit out specific themes that they like or are using...

this is more of a general idea...

for example i LOVE a clean minimal lockscreen. i dont have a lockscreen clock and i always hide the slider and camera grabber.
its just an image and a status bar.

however i was a big fan of typophone lockscreen for a while and have always gone to some kind of gps weather lockscreen when i feel i need a change...

i like the ones that have a tap function where if you tap the screen you get detailed info, and if you tap again the info goes away and you just have the live lockscreen with the weather condition (like sun and clouds flaoting buy, rain falling etc...)

i like dark colored themes and icon sets, but i always end up on stock because i cant stand it when all the stock apps are themed, and then you have bad piggies looking all crazy and out of place!

i am a big fan of transparencies and like blurred backgrounds...,

so what do you all like???


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Aug 11, 2010
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Well I adore lockinfo so I plan my lockscreen around that--simple, minimal. As for the other bits, dark with bright accents and usually a simple GPS weather widget but a small one.

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Sep 6, 2010
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I actually like the Apple look, although I refuse to go stock so I like using ayecon . The icons are very similar to stock just better looking and it seems higher resolution. For a lookscreen I like to be able to see, at a glance, the 2 main features I use - time and weather. UniAW has a really nice live analog chronograph clock, live gps weather, sunrise, sunset, current temp, high, low etc.

I also tend toward darker themes and icons. So many of them are too bright.


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Dec 1, 2012
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Thanks for sharing, everyone has their preference when it comes to lockscreen. Personally, my lockscreen is set to typophone cos i only need a glance to tell the time (when u need it).
As for customization, i myself tend to go for darker themes with dark UI as well as it blends well with my black device.
However i like to add that it will be great if i can just replace the stock icons and UIs altogether and ditch Winterboard as doing so will certainly improve resource usage + speedier performance.