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What is your experience with iCloud Photo Library and time zones?


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I have an issue with my iCloud Photo Library where geo-tagged photos taken in a different time zone to my local time zone are displayed in my local time zone on iCloud. For example, if I live in New York and travel to Paris where I take a photo in Paris at 12noon Paris time, which let's say is 5pm New York time, then the photo is shown in iCloud Photo Library as being taken at 5pm.

The photos affected were taken before the beta opened up and the displayed time stamp changed after uploading to iCloud Photo Library.

I am told by Apple Support that the time is not changed in the EXIF data, simply that iCloud Photo Library treats photos like emails and calendar events and displays the time/date in your local time. Personally, I feel photos are different and I would like to see them time stamped with the local date/time they were taken in. I have submitted a feedback about this.

I would like to know if anyone who is using iCloud Photo Library has seen this problem. And secondly, since I am not yet using Photos for OS X beta, has anyone seen whether there is any different behavior for photos once they convert their libraries over? Or is the problem fixed with Photos for OS X?



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Oct 22, 2010
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What you see with photos on an iPhone or iPad is pretty much what you get on the new OSX Photos app. The time thing... can't say as I've not taken photos outside my locale.


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Mar 23, 2015
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Thank you for the help. Yes, I expected the move to iCloud Photo Library would look like it already does in iOS.

Interestingly, photos were tagged date and time in the time zone they were taken in before switching on iCloud Photo Library. Once it was switched on and they uploaded they appeared in the local time zone rather than the time zone they were taken in.

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