What is the fastest way to charge different Apple devices?


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I know that for some of the devices Apple sells (the iPhone and the large iPad Pro), the power adaptor that comes with the device isn't the best one for it, and that if you use one with a higher wattage, the device will charge quicker. Which is the ideal charger for each device?

Apple sells adaptors with the following wattage:
87W - comes with the 15" Macbook Pro
61W - comes with the 13" Macbook Pro
29W - comes with the Macbook
12W - comes with iPad Pro?
10W - comes with the iPad Air? And maybe iPad Mini?
5W - comes with the Apple Watch and iPhone

I assume the Apple Watch, because it charges so fast already, won't charge any faster on anything better than a 5W - is that right?
I know from experimentation the iPhone will charge faster on 10W (would 12W be even faster?) even though it comes with 5W
I assume iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7" all assume charge fastest on 12W - is that right? Maybe not so for the iPad Mini?
I know iPad Pro 12.9 charges fastest on the 29W
I assume that all of the Macbooks won't charge any faster than with the adapter they come with - is that right?

How about if I plug an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad into the USB slot on a computer - what wattage will it be getting there?


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Jan 8, 2012
In my opinion, the charger that comes with the device is the "ideal" charger. Sure, using higher wattage/voltage charger may charge the batteries quicker, but how will it affect the life of the battery over time? Could there be an increased risk of damage? Those are things to consider, in my opinion.

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