What if I max out all of the features in a laptop?


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I will be buying the new 15-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, and I plan to max out or jack up all of its features. I have two questions about doing this:

1. Besides buying it as a university student, is there any other form of discount that I can get?
2. Because I will be buying/paying a huge amount, is there a better way of making my purchase? Should I phone in? Could I go to a physical Apple Store and have its manager help me out?

Thank you for any advice that you can give me!


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Oct 17, 2012
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1. The only other ways I can think of is buying refurbished or otherwise not getting the exact computer new.

2. I don't think it really depends here and you can choose the method you want. In person? Sure. Online? Get it shipped. I don't think there's too much disparity but I'm working with general knowledge and not Apple specific so there may be a relatively obscure anything I'm not aware of.


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Jun 16, 2009
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Well you COULD use Apple's 18 month interest free financing. Rather than layout 3 or 4 grand or whatever such a souped out laptop is going to cost you, you can and should apply for Apple's 18 month interest free financing. This would allow you to spread out the payment and so it won't hurt as much all at once. You can and should put a good amount down AND pay it aggressively. I spent about 2000 on an iMac and 1400 on a MB 12 inch and used this option. I pay them around 200-300 a month. I'm almost paid off. :)

PS Bestbuy often has Apple sales around major holidays and 4th of July IS coming up. You never know.

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