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What happened with my iPad 4th gen?


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What happened with my iPad 4th gen ,, pls help :(

i kept playing with it from battery 100% until 29%
but then when it became 27-28% , my iPad suddenly turned off and said it need to charge . But why in 27-28% ? maybe anyone knows ?
when i charged and turned on my iPad started with 27-28% battery life again
but then i connect it in my comp , it said the battery was 1% but only for a few second
anyone know this issue ?


Oct 2, 2013
Re: What happened with my iPad 4th gen ,, pls help :(

I have this sort of thing happen with my iPhone 5. It's 21 months old and I'm a heavy user timewise. I think it's a waning battery issue. As it gets old and worn, it starts having these odd symptoms. I can be at 26% and my Wife calls me via FaceTime and after 10 seconds it goes black with the spinning wheel. When I plug it in, it's back up to 25% or so. How old is your iPad? Have you used it a lot? Maybe it needs a new battery. My phone does.