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What happened to good old standard calendar sharing?


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I am not interested in the new family sharing option in iOS8. I do not have kids at home and I certainly do not want to open up options for anyone else to use my Apple ID. I do want to continue sharing a family calendar that the family has been using for years. However, the option to share that calendar is now missing. I assume it disappeared during the upgrade process. When I go to the calendar edit screen to invite a new member the option is no longer there. How do I get it back so I can add a new member?


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Do you not see "Add Person" under the "SHARED WITH" section when you tap on the circled i next to the calendar you want to share?


New member
Dec 14, 2014
There is no Add Person option available on that calendar either on my iPhone, iPad or online. It very clearly has my name as the owner of the calendar. When I am online I can see a list of members but can't add anyone new. And before anyone asks, no I do not have several Apple IDs. Any help will be deeply appreciated. Jim