What do you want added to iCloud in iOS 7?


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Jul 21, 2009
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iCloud is great for what it is when it works. I love the ability to just login on a new device and have all my settings, media, apps, etc in minutes. I like that it does the backup automatically and more frequently than if I had to manually do them. However there is still a ton of things that it can do and add which ofcourse will be debuted each time with a new iOS. The next one coming will be iOS 7 so what would you love to see in iCloud when it's debuted?

I would love to get Playlists in iCloud
I have 4 iOS devices in my house with different playlists. The playlists change almost daily when I get new songs. Each time to update all the devices I have to connect to the computer and sync. It would be sweet to change the playlist once whether in iTunes or on my device and have it just push out to all devices.

Separation of items backed up
I would love for the backup to offer a more detailed option for restore. Like Settings, Media and apps. This way if for example someone is facing battery drain they don't need to setup as new. They can at least get their settings back.

Damn with other competitors offering services Apple really needs to step it up and make iCloud rock solid before adding anything else.


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Jan 8, 2012
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I would like to be able to login to iCloud using my iPhone and iPad and get the same full web access that I get when I login via my MacBook. Having the ability to choose what to backup and what to restore would be great also.


Mar 21, 2013
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Hey, ever since I activated my iCloud, my ipad is consuming a lot of data endlessly.. plz help

You might go Into settings, iCloud, manage storage, and see what types of things you are backing up. Previously, I was backing up podcast episodes, which was not at all necessary and eating up both space and bandwidth


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Jun 17, 2009
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I'd love to see proper Outlook compatibility, get rid of the custom file extension, let icloud work like you would expect it to.