What do you do on your 6 Plus that you didn't really do on previous iPhones?


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Oct 11, 2011
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I'd like some feedback on what uses and/or tasks you now do or do better with the iPhone 6 Plus vs. a previous version iPhone.

I'm looking for more professional related things but games & personal stuff is ok too. Please provide as much detail as possible, including the app you're using & the phone you upgraded from.


I upgraded from a 5 to the 6+. Since upgrading, I use my phone a wholeeeee lot more now. I don't have to worry about conserving the battery or being near a charger now, so I use it without restraint. The apps I use the most are FB/Paper & FB Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, the default Messenger & Music apps, Safari & Chrome, Apple & Google Maps. I also use Siri a lot more now (mostly for reminders & controlling the music app).

Prior to upgrading, I averaged about 1.2Gb of data a month. I got the phone on launch day in Sept & jumped up to 2gb that month. In Oct & Nov I used about 4gb each month. I've definitely been abusing this thing. Another side affect is, like most, I rarely use my iPad mini now. I do some reading on it every now & then, but that's about it.

Whether you want it for personal or professional use, I think the biggest advantage you get over other phones is the screen size & battery life. The bigger screen makes it a joy to use, plus all day battery life make this thing hard to beat. Can't go wrong with a 6+.


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Mar 23, 2011
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I just use it more. I read more. It's with me so if I have a chance I'll read an article I saved or a few pages of a book. I did those things on my 5s but not as frequently. I would usually wait until I was home and use the iPad. I also catch up on videos that I would normally watch on an iPad. I basically don't use my iPad as much which is good since my has pretty much taken it over for work. Although she just changed her order for a 6 to a 6 plus so I don't know how much she will use the iPad now either.

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Sep 23, 2012
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I tend to watch more video on the 6+ than I did on previous iPhones.

I've noticed a huge increase in data usage due to using Netlfix, and Sling Player more than I have in the past.


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Oct 30, 2012
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I used FaceTime on Friday at work for four hours for help troubleshooting a very large electrical cabinet. Both of us had the 6+ it came in very handy.

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