What do I need in order to switch between multiple audio sources w/out using software.


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In my home office setup - driven by my NBP - I have a number of different input/output sources: the speakers on my monitor, a BT speaker, a set of headphones, etc ... I know there are devices that allow easy switching between sources, so I don't have to go into the software every time I want to change. I tried googling it, but I don't know what these things are called ...

Can someone help? And I'm grateful for suggestions for specific devices! Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: Switching between audio sources

I’m assuming “NBP” is suppose to be MBP as in MacBook Pro. If not, please clarify.

If the headphones are wired, all you need to do is plug them in to the MBP and begin listening. As for the Bluetooth items, once they are paired with your MBP, they should auto-connect when powered on. In either case, there shouldn’t be a need to do anything software-wise.

The speaker on your monitor may be the only thing you should have to select via the settings, especially if an app requires you to select an output because the MBP speakers are set to be the default. I suppose a USB hub could be useful if it can control your audio devices, but I don’t know how it would control the wireless ones.

Hopefully, others will offer their advice/suggestions soon.


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Apr 6, 2016
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Ok, so you have a MBP and you want to be able to change audio outputs without using software?

That's easy, if I understand your question.

So right now I have 5 Apple TV's in my house. Let's say I'm in the kitchen listening to music via my MBP internal speakers, and decide to so into the living room and want to continue listening to my music on the tv in the living room. Just click on the sound icon in the upper right of your screen and select that Apple TV:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 2.08.08 AM.png

Now I can also do the same thing with my Airpods Pro, or any other bluetooth speaker, but that bluetooth device must be on and must have been connected to my MBP in the past. Once it's powered on, click on the sound icon again and choose that output device.

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