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What country App Store do you need to get the game curiosity on iPad?


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I am very interested with the game "Curiosity" but it tells me I'm not in the right country to get the game on iPad. Please tell me how to change my country App Store so I can get it. Before I do change it tell me if I can change it back.

I live in Australia, NSW, Sydney


New member
Sep 19, 2012
Hi there. I believe the country is tied to the region in which you created your account.

Part of the terms and conditions in iTunes is that you must use the App Store for the country/region in which you are located.

It's worth noting that if you move abroad and change the region in iTunes, you lose ALL of your bought items for the previous region. I also believe you need a credit card registered in the region in which you are changing to, before it will accept the change, too.