What are your 3 primary gripes about iOS 16?


Oct 2, 2013
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Well, you said it got changed - in fact it didn't, the option in Settings-Wallpapers was there before and still is.
They removed the option to go through the photos app, and added a new/additional option.
But let's not split hair, the photos app option is gone, and you miss it. Fair.
But going to settings-wallpapers-new wallpaper and then select photos gives you access to your entire photos library and albums with all search functions.
So I think it's not a big deal. But that's just me.

Basically the same. But they made improvements early in iOS 16. Yes, but it takes you to lockscreen, when I might want homescreen. I know how it works, as I have created 60 lockscreen/homescreen combos. But many are still confused with it, and hate it. The option to set as wallpaper is still in the Photos app. But if you want to just change the homescreen wallpaper, it takes you to lockscreen. It forces you to set the wallpaper as lockscreen first, then you can set it as homescreen. Then you have to add your lockscreen wallpaper back on. Accessing from the lockscreen or Settings, you should be able to change only the homescreen wallpaper, if you don't want to keep the current one.

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