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What’s new in the Siri Shortcuts betas


Nov 15, 2013
With the public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 released today, iPhone and iPad users will find themselves with a new app installed by default: Shortcuts. The new app is the home for all Siri Shortcuts, now baked into the operating system of each platform and located in one place.
There's a wide variety of changes made to Siri Shortcuts and how the Shortcuts app can work, so let's dive in to what's possible so far:
[h=2]Rounding out the basics[/h]The first main batch of changes affect the fundamentals of Siri Shortcuts, tightening up how new actions from apps and custom shortcuts work – they're now all just Siri Shortcuts. Plus, the editor is easier to understand and get started with, your apps can have more functional actions to use in your shortcuts, and the Gallery has new automatic recommendations based on your personal usage.

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