Weird behavior from iPhone 5


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Nov 11, 2012
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When my iPhone is charging it gets hot like unbearable to hold (extremely hot).
Like 15 minutes ago I realized that while my iPhone was charging the battery percentage was decreasing.

1. Closes all apps
2. Powered off iPhone
3. Powered on iPhone
4. Discharging while charging "stopped"
5. Still continues to get hot sometimes when charging.

Just sharing my experiences :)


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Oct 12, 2010
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It will get hot. Any device with rechargeable li-ion batteries will put off heat while charging. The unbearable to touch aspect, that's to each person to determine. I'm sure the aluminum back warms up a fair bit quicker than the glass.

In regard to the battery discharge once it hits 100% it will discharge as if not connected to a power source until it hits around 90% then begin charging again. This is to preserve the life of the battery over time and prevent the battery from being over charged in instances of extended charging.