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Jul 20, 2014
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Phu Ly - Thom soft rolls, filled with specialties of Ha Nam

Phu Ly city, Ha Nam is located at the southern gateway of Hanoi. It is also known as the city of confluence, including Day River, Nhue River and Chau Giang River. Du Lich Viet This place is not only the "heaven and the earth," but also the origin of the delicious Northern dishes. One of them is Phu Ly rolls which are famous in the whole region.

Homeland flavor in Phu Ly rolls
Every delicious dish is named after the region it was created in. Banh cuon is a very popular breakfast gift in the Northern Delta region. Along the Red River, one can enjoy Thanh Tri spring rolls, Hung Yen spring rolls, Thai Binh shrimp rolls or Lang Son egg rolls and Ha Long - Quang Ninh spring rolls.

However, in each place, there is a unique flavor. And Phu Ly rolls also has its own character that is nowhere to be found. In the cold winter weather, enjoying the rolls with the hot sauce of grilled spring rolls is nothing like.

Made from specific ingredients
Phu Ly rolls are made from specific ingredients similar to those of other regions such as ordinary rice flour, wood ear, dried onion, etc. . Ground rice into flour, then soak in water for 2-3 hours. After being thinly coated, the white cake will look very eye-catching. When the cake is just ripe, the baker sprinkled it with a little bit of dry onions, and a few drops of lard to make it more delicious.

Phu Ly rolls has no meat
Especially, compared to other types of rolls, there is usually no meat here. The accompaniment is not silk rolls, cinnamon rolls as usual but grilled meat rolls. Grilled meat rolls are made from fresh, thinly sliced ​​pork belly. Then, season the spices and skewer on the bamboo sticks on the burning charcoal stove to grill. Grilled meat rolls will be especially delicious when grilled over medium heat, must be faned thoroughly to the outside of the meat pieces will seize but still retain the soft, sweet.

2-layer thick rice paper
Phu Ly rolls are not coated with 2 layers like Hung Yen rolls, but also not as thin as Tang Pho rolls. Experience Blind Tourism, Yen Bai For Visitors Pieces of egg white rolls such as chicken egg white, glossy thanks to a layer of lard, many wood ear mushrooms combined with fried onion. Phu Ly rolls usually do not eat hot but cool but dipped with hot sauce.

The dipping bowls are full of ingredients. These include sliced, green papaya. Mix with the sourness of vinegar, the spicy of chili, and the aromatic flavor of garlic. All create a delicious taste hard to resist. Phu Ly rolls can be served with lettuce, bean sprouts, sliced ​​banana flower. And other vegetables like marjoram, coriander, ..

Enjoy delicious rolls, where are the delicious flavors?

Phu ideal rolls is simple but sophisticatedly processed, to bring delicious and unique flavor to visitors. Du Lich Want to enjoy genuine spring rolls, come to Ha Nam. Here, you can easily find restaurants selling spring rolls. However, in today's article, I will reveal to you one of the best places to eat.
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