Water Toy is Out!


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Jun 18, 2009
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Remember those water toys you used to play with back in the days? Yeah, that's this. Now with Water Toy, you can bring those hits of nostalgia wherever you go and enjoy them whenever you want! Even if you haven't experienced the real thing, our game will surely provide for you the challenging experiences others have felt before.

Hold and release the screen to launch the balls into the level and use the accelerometer to maneuver them into the cups. But be mindful of the obstacles in your way - you'll have to make use of some of them in order to achieve your goal.

Here's what you'll be getting with this game:

- Thirty levels to test your skills and challenge your friends.
- Thirty beautifully painted backgrounds
- Auto-saving tracks your progress and lets you continue where you left off.
- A perfect game to pick up and play anytime, anywhere.

App Link: iTunes Store

Official Website: Lousy Games