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Water damage/sound problems :(


New member
Jun 6, 2010
Last night, I got the bottom of my iPhone 3GS SLIGHTLY wet through the dock connector. It was only a splash of water, but unfortunately, it turned my Liquid Contact Indicator red. At first, the screen just went to black and I thought it was done for good, but I left it in a bowl of rice. After about an hour, I started to hear SMS and email alert sounds, but still no screen. As time went on, the screen went from black to the white screen of death.. but this morning, the phone is back to fully working, screen on and all functions working correctly.

However, I am still have sound issues. I can hear ringtones and speaker phone, but all other alerts/keyboard clicks/unlock noises/etc. are not working. I already did restore, and still not working. Is there no hope for me? Any tips?


New member
Jun 8, 2009
Turn it off. Put it in a bowl of uncooked rice for 24 hrs.
It worked for me.