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Dec 4, 2008
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"Hello guys,
I have read a lot about internet satellite tv players.. to be honest, I am quite disappointed because the ones I tried have a pretty poor channel offering and do not actually music channels like A-1 TV, Africa Hit, All Music , Bahanne TV etc. After a few weeks I ended up on satellite-tv-player and it's the only one I would recommend to my friends.As they claim on their website, the software comes with more than 3000 TV channels, 1000+ Radio channels, 1000+ online movies and more than 100+ music channels, . But the best thing is that the 95% of the TV channels does actually work. Too many TV to PC software have no maintenance, with the net result that 40-50% of the channels are like broken or offline. In this case, satellite-tv-player offers a dedicated team of content managers who tune up the TV signals on a daily basis. The updates are sent to all users via a live update service which can be launched anytime via software user interface (you will see an ""update"" button on the top right corner of the software window). You just click on the update button and in a matter of 5-7 seconds you get the updates of the day! The quality of the channels is definitely good for the one-time-fee I paid (29 bucks), including ESPN, CBS, Fox, CNN streams (there is also plenty of European channel I do not know..). On top of this, I have contacted customer support twice to request the addition of two local channels from my area (San Diego); the customer support replied to my email within 12 hours (another website replied to my email after 4 days...) and after 3 days I noticed my 2 channels had been added into the TV Player.. pretty amazing! To me, this is the right choice, good luck guys, peace and love, Daniel

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