Watch not reconnecting with iPhone after going out of range


Mar 5, 2011
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My husband's watch is having an issue -- any time he goes out of range from the iPhone, his watch won't re-pair with the iPhone. The first time, he went to the store and left the phone at home. When he got back the watch had the status icon showing the disconnect. The phone bluetooth was still one and the app showed it was paired. I ended up resetting the watch (back to factory conditions) and trying over from scratch and it fixed it.
Today he left the phone in the car when we dropped off our kids at daycare and when he got back in, it had the error again. This time, we tried a hard reset and that didn't work. I'm trying to find out if turning on and off bluetooth forced it to re-pair.
My watch has no issues with this and always re-pairs whenever it gets back into range.
Does this seem like a software issue or something we need to trek to the apple watch store for? Or call the help desk?
Has anyone else had this issue and know of the fix? I can do another reset and then make sure he keeps the phone with him so it won't mess up again until we can get a new one or something. Of course he has the SG sport that is so popular and I'm worried that he won't get a replacement very quickly.


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Apr 21, 2015
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I found turning the bluetooth on my phone off then on again got it to repair. It's only happened to me once though!

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