Wanted to share my big screw up in case it can help someone else


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Jul 6, 2013
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I did something incredibly stupid yesterday while installing the Sierra update to 10.12.4. I was rather busy and rushing around and I lost track of what state the update was in. I was installing it at the end of the day, and macOS reminded me when I went to shut down that I had set it up to do the installation at that point. I was doing many other things and distracted and really wanted to get home. I eventually got back to my MBP and found it to look as if it was off. I moved the trackpad around a bit and nothing happened. Thinking that it was completed the update and off since the installation was started when I had planned to turn off my MBP, I thought it had powered down and turned itself off. Well that was my big mistake. I pressed the power button and the computer restarted and got stuck around 85% on the progress bar. After about 30 mins of waiting in this state I figured out my mistake and turned is all off.

Fortunately I had just done a back up on the weekend. I took my MBP home and launched it in recovery mode, hooked up my back up drive and 6 hours later got my MBP mostly back and working.

The part I thought others might find helpful is that after all of that the Apple Mail app wasn't able to launch. It needed to rebuild the mailboxes and I kept getting an error message saying that there wasn't enough space in my Home folder. Not sure what this meant I did a google search and then used terminal to do a fix permissions. That didn't do anything useful and after trying to launch Mail several times to no avail I gave up and went to bed. While lying there I thought of a possible fix. I went back to my MBP and went into System Preferences and into Accounts. I went through each account and unselected mail. I was then able to launch Mail. Once launched I went back to Accounts in System Preferences and reselected mail in each account one by one. Mail was then able to rebuild my mailboxes and messages.

Thought my misfortune might help someone else who finds that they are having a problem rebuilding their Mailboxes in the future.