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Wanted: 3G sled for iPod Touch


New member
Nov 30, 2008
This idea seemed so obvious to me when it popped in my head that I'm surprised an accessory maker hasn't already made it: a 3G sled for the iPod Touch. If the "sled" reference doesn't make sense, think of it as some of the newer iPhone battery packs that you slip the phone into (so its kind of like having a case for the phone that gives it longer battery life). They used to make WiFi sleds like this for old school Palm devices (I think even for Treo's at one point)... why not go the other way around and make a 3G sled? You could slide your iTouch into it and be online anywhere. Add TruPhone and a microphone (like the headphones with mic from Apple) and you have a go-anywhere Skype-phone that works over 3G!

I guess the biggest obstacle would be carrier support... but with the wider network footprint (for now, at least) of EV-DO in the US, I can only imagine how cool it would be to have an iPhone-like Skype phone running on Sprint's cheaper data plans....... *drool*