Wanna Check Out A Free, Fun Game That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again?


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Sep 25, 2006
Hey everyone - please forgive the shameless plug I'm about to drop, but I'm not just doing this for publicity; I want to use the collective iPhone intelligence of this great community we have here to make a project better.

My company just completed a game that we designed and built for BMW Financial Services/MINI Financial Services, featuring the MINI Cooper. It is called MINI Liquid Assets, and is available in the iTunes App Store right now, for the low, low price of FREE. :) You can get it by following this link:


It is based on a child's water game - you know the kind - where you have a toy filled with water, and you push buttons to force small items into/onto something else? (I had a basketball one, and one where you had to drop rings onto little posts as a kid...)

I personally did the sound design (music/effects/etc) for the project, and we worked very hard to make it as fun as possible while sticking to the branding of the product and meeting the needs of our client. We designed our own physics engine and tweaked every aspect of it that we could to make it as true to form as possible, while still meeting our deadlines.

I'm not asking you guys to download this to specifically promote the MINI brand, as we don't work for them; we're an independent interactive design firm, and we are constantly looking to sharpen our chops. We all have and use iPhones and Macs, and are absolutely thrilled to have released a product of which we're really proud.

Now - what I'm asking of you guys is to help me (and the team) make this an even better game than it is. Download it, play it, and review it. I'm not asking for 5-star reviews (although it would be totally sweet if you felt like being super nice like that ;) ), but be honest. If you love it, tell us, and if you hate it, tell me why. You can PM me here or reply to this thread with comments, and I will read every single one personally and appreciate the dialogue.

Again, I want to reiterate: we don't work for BMW, nor are we affiliated with them in any way. We're just iPhone lovers and perfectionists, and want to keep doing this kind of work, so we need some help becoming stronger developers. And I can't think of a better group of people to ask for help than you guys here at TiPB.

So have at it. And let me know what you think. And thanks for reading all of this, if you made it this far. :)

And if you want to check us out in general, here are some links:

Main Site

Thanks guys!

And Bad Ash/Rene - if I've overstepped my bounds in this post, I apologize in advance, and completely understand. I respect your authority and want to do right by TiPB.

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