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Wallpapers not correct size?


New member
Oct 4, 2013
I tried downloading a few of the cool wallpapers on this thread, and when checking the image resolution (using a separate app) the photo seems to be of a much lower resolution then that of the new iPhones 6's screen (4.7). Is my phone saving these pics at lower resolution? Some of my saved wallpapers are 576 x 1024? Never seen that before.


Oct 2, 2013
The 1080x1920 size or higher for the iP 6 Plus uploads to 576x1024. I have no idea why. The 750x1334 for the 6 uploads correctly. It may be an app limitation. I use TapaTalk. They do the same on another forum app. I use an app called "image size". It works well to resize the wallpapers. It does have a minor bug. The developer has told me he will fix it ASAP. He just updated 2 days ago. So you have to run the image through 2 or 3 times to get it right. But it does work. I've had the app for 2 years. It works, you just have to take the image in a few times until it gets right.
Image size by vsmedia.de
Vitalij Sch?fer is the developer. He's a nice guy and is working to fix the bug.

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