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Waiting in line for the iPhone. Has anyone here done it?


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Jun 25, 2008
So nobody got mad that your wife saved you a spot? I was wondering because I am planning to meet my sister at the ATT, but it's twice as far for me as for her, so hoping people wouldn't be angry if she saved a spot for me.:D

Aloha iLoveiPhones,

I actually worked out a deal with my boss so as to get off a couple of hours early to wait inline. My wife had a cold then, and instead of listening to me and staying home (like she ever listens to me anyway :rolleyes:), she actually saved a place for me in line! The line, while long, really moved extremely quickly - as a matter of fact, had I waited until 8:00 or so, I could've probably just walked into the store to pick up my iPhone.

I'm still undecided as to whether I'll get the 3G iPhone or not, but if I make the purchase decision prior to 11 July, I'll be in line yet again. I know I can wait until Day 2 and just walk in, but there's just something about getting the best tech out there in my hands as soon as possible :D

As for the lines THIS year, they may actually be a bit longer than last - the purchasing process has been changed, what with the in-store activation requirement. I don't think the lines, even in the Apple Stores, will move quite as rapidly as last year. Still, I would stay inline. :D



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May 24, 2004
Holding a spot for 1 person is not only reasonable, I think it's expected in most lines. 4-5 people is one thing. But for one person? C'mon.
That's how lines work.
I've waited in plenty of product launch lines, and I never saw anyone give anyone shit for holding the line for several people.

Though it's bad etiquette to show up just as she reaches the front to f the line and cut in. But if you get there and have to wait a while like everyone else, I think it's no big deal.
Especially if they have plenty in stock.


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Jul 2, 2008
I waited 6 hours last year. There's no way I'll show up at 2AM in front of an AT&T store. I'll likely show up at 5:30 to 6AM, and at least I'll have my pick between AT&T and Apple, since they're both so close to each other in my mall, that is if Apple decides to declare when they're going to start, too.


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Jul 3, 2008

I would never wait in line for something like this. I have nothing against people who do it, but why the rush? Sooner or later, everyone will have a chance to have the product. It's like those people who waited in line for the latest Harry Potter book. I would be embarrassed to be seen camping outside a store.


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Jul 3, 2008
Didn't wait at all

Hey man, we live in Orlando, and I got one on the day it was released and didn't have to wait at all. We just walked in about 8pm and they had a few left. Worked out great. This time around, I think that I might spend a little time waiting. We might get there at 7am, but not much sooner.

Cool Cat

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Dec 16, 2004
I waited in line for the launch of the original iPhone last year, although I didn't buy one. I was just there for the excitement of it all. There was a simultaneous Apple Store grand opening too, so there were the requisite free t-shirts which is always a bonus. It took about 45 min. from the time the store opened before we got inside. The line was completely gone by the time we left about an hour and 15 min. later.


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Jul 3, 2008
Hopefully the lines are gone by lunch. My office is right next to the att store. :D

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