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VZW iPhone 6 16GB storage vs. actual storage space


Active member
Aug 27, 2012
Would anyone be able to help with giving an idea of how much of the 16GB storage is used by preloaded apps out of the box?

Wife and I have vzw and are eligible v for upgrades next month. Wondering if 16GB would work for her or if I need to pony up the $100 to go to 64GB. Use for her is predominantly photos/videos.



Well-known member
Oct 22, 2010
If the use is going to be pics and vids you're going to want the 64GB model... Just do it.


Oct 2, 2013
I got about 12.6 gb out of the box with my IP 5. I think the 6 is about the same. Maybe a bit less. Does she put a lot of songs on her phone? If not, 16 might be enough. My Wife has had a 32 gb 5c for over a year and still has over 20 gb available. If she doesn't use a lot of apps and music, she should be fine with 16. There's always Box, Dropbox and OneDrive for photos. If money is no issue, go ahead and get the 64 gb. It'll have better resale value.

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