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Volume Dampening on iOS 7.1

Mar 7, 2012

I am a very sparse visitor to the forums, but have been a part of the Mobile Nations community for many years (I had a BlackBerry!)

I am very curious to know as this has been plaguing my mind ever since the reign of Sony Ericsson before 2010.

When I first used my iPhone 4S, the top volume was pretty much unrestricted and I would immerse in near eardrum-bursting sound blaring from my earphones. I knew the limits, so obviously I wouldn't keep some songs on full volume because it was just too loud? I am assuming that the volume was so loud through my earphones, making them distort, due to the fact that others preferred headphones which required higher volumes to operate. It's just like with Sony Ericsson; when the W800i and early W810is came out, the sound drivers were impeccable! There was a manual equaliser, stereo widening (3D sound with other manufacturers) and an unrestricted volume! But when the new firmware got released, once you hit four volumes before the maximum, that was it? and when you turned it all the way up, the vocal and treble ranges would go up, but not the bass. A club song with huge bass beats would dampen all of the ranges down!

And now it brings me to nowadays. I have the application, "djay 2" and I used to get around the volume dampener by raising the gain on the track imported, but now it seems I cannot do this after the new iOS update. Now, with Sony Ericsson, you could use C++ to enter the firmware and edit parameters such as the acoustic drivers and the community would create custom acoustics for users to upload onto their devices.

I'm guessing you cannot do this with iOS? so, what gives? As a vague example, I listen to the extended version of Hey Brother by Avicii where there is a guitar introduction? volume goes up to max, no problem. When the synthesised beats are introduced, the volume of the vocals is reduced dramatically as soon as heavy bass is detected? and then when the beats end before the end of the loop, the whole song seems to rise in volume when it detects there aren't any more beats. Why?

Has anyone else realised this?



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Oct 30, 2012
It sounds like the late night equalizer is on.
From Apple's user guild:
"The Late Night setting compresses the dynamic range of the audio output, reducing the volume of loud passages and increasing the volume of quiet passages."
Unlike other equalizers the late night mode is system wide.

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Mar 7, 2012
My EQ is definitely set of off. I did have the same theory, but unfortunately not. I think the volume dampening started when the iOS version with the yellow and red volume bars was released. Damn the EU volume laws?

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