Viewing email issue?


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Apr 10, 2015
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Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if this has been posted about already, but when I get an new email notification and I view the email either by selecting it as soon as the notification comes in, or pulling down the notification screen and then selecting it, the body of the email is completely unreadable because its text, which is the same accent color as my watchface (blue) doesn't display well over the color of the screen, which is blurred whitish.

Not a problem with texts, or when I view an email from the email app, where the background is black.

EDIT: ok, its not every time. I just got another email and the text was black so I could see it fine. Not sure why they were different font colors.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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Oct 2, 2013
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The text on emails can vary, depending on who sends them. Senders use different colors. The latest is low contrast text. I hate it. It's hard to read.

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