Video will not "share" through iCloud, message, email, etc. NOT AT ALL!


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I took a video (about 90 seconds long). I have no problem playing it back on my iPhone; I was also able to download it to my PC through iCloud, and have played it back on my PC. However, when I've tried to share it with someone via message, email, FB message it won't allow me to do that - because the file is too large. The problem is that now I've figured out how to use the iCloud sharing of pics and albums (just now got that set up) - the snapshots and a shorter video were able to be shared with my friend through iCloud share, but the ONE VIDEO I want to share - the 90 second one - WON'T add to the shared album!! How in the world do I share this video with someone who's 1000 miles away? Is my video corrupt? (if so, why can I still play it on my iPhone and PC?) And if it will share to my PC thru iCloud, why can't it be added to a shared album right from my iPhone? Please help!!

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