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Video upload question


New member
Oct 27, 2011
Why or Why can I not upload a video to FB from my iphone. I had to send myself the video to my iPad in a text to myself from iPhone to iPad. I was able to upload rather quickly using FB on my iPad. Is it possible to do with the iP4S? Tried YouTube but don't want to do that because when I did it the link came up and said private. So people without youtube can't even see it. Help anyone please!

l.i bruce fan

New member
Mar 14, 2012
Just upload a video to FB as you would upload a picture to FB, it takes a lot longer but it works for me...


New member
Oct 7, 2009
i have no issues uploading videos to FB

there will be variations of download times if you're using 3G vs WiFi, as you may know