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Sep 25, 2012
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I am unable to view my video playlist in my iPhone5 after upgrading to ios6. However, I can still view the music playlist. The video playlist title are under the playlist in the iPhone but when opened it, it is blank. When I connect the phone to my laptop & click on a particular playlist in the ipod, the videos in the playlist are there. Help!


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Oct 3, 2012
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I found the (temporary) answer via link:

Here Hogster wrote: "Just found the solution! If you go to Get Info and change the Media Kind from Movie to Music Video under the Options tab, they all now appear in the playlists!"

I added "temporary" because I don't think it really fixes the problem, it just finds a way around it. I would prefer for my "movies" to be listed separately so it is easy to differentiate in itunes. After doing this, it lists everything under music which is inconvenient.

This is what I did in the meantime. Keep in mind that it will take a while to go through this process so only do it when you have some free time and you don't need access to your phone.

I selected all my movies then clicked the Get info so all would convert at once. Then I changed the media kind to music video.

Don't forget that once you change the kind, you will have to recheck all the "videos" you want to include in your playlists (under MUSIC on your iphone), and you will have to check off "include music videos". Now the movies will not show up in your videos app. It will take a while to copy all these files back to your phone. Until it does, the files will be "greyed out".

Alas changing the video file to music video does not work on the ipad. You hear the audio, but you only see a screenshot of the video. now unfortunately the videos won't work under video either, so you won't be able to view these videos on your ipad, if you view them using playlists on your iphone. Something to consider if you have multiple devices.

I will say one thing, it almost seemed like I have more room on my iphone and that the "music videos" takes up less space than the "movies" did which I know doesn't make any sense so it must be something in the way that it is listed differently which is giving me more space on my iphone because I can include a lot more "videos" than I used to and that is VERY HELPFUL!

Hopefully Apple will fix this so it will work under the old way being listed as movie. In the meantime, this is a temporary fix.

Hope this helps!

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