Verizon is frustrating me


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Jan 15, 2017
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This is a first time early upgrade has been messed up. Verizon can’t seem to get the issue fixed and I am being charged for two phones. The phone I sent back because of early upgrade and my new phone. Why?
Getting excuse after excuse to the point I am wanting to end my service! This is bull


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Apr 26, 2011
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I have to work with 3 major carriers, and as the sr admin or director of IT staff deal with the business as well as the technical problems. As frustrating as problems are, Verizon remains best. Some more insights come from the help we give to nearly 1000 employees who use their phones for HR and scheduling access. Some support problems seem aggravated in past months. The phone companies haven't worked out the capacity or work at home as well as other vital vendors.

Start by using their help system and insisting on case/reference numbers. Use the app and chat/text for callback and dialog and keep referring to your case.

Leverage Apple - have them run diagnostics and get you the case # to give to your phone carrier.

My own 12 Pro Max had some hiccups. My seeing and dealing with this at scale shows new iPhone buyers with other carriers have had similar issues too. 3rd tier Verizon support reached with the methods I suggest saw a few issues. First, something didn't propagate when my new phone was activated but when that was fixed problems remained. The fix was a network settings reset that has a history of resolving iPhone issues. Finally, there's lots of 5G build out going on. Some areas are having more issues.

I'm not saying you don't have a problem. I know it's frustrating, but the way I see issues at scale maybe these tips will help. When your manage tech support as I suggested you have that info and story that will get you to the humans with clue department.

Also be careful about acting too fast or extreme on your frustrations. We've had c suite staff get frustrated by price, performance, service or wanting to try something else and they came back to Verizon after even more aggravation. You want to know you'll have good coverage and service before you move.

Good luck.


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Sep 12, 2015
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I'm having the same issue. Have been with them and upgrading yearly. Did one phone in November and it went fine. Did another phone on my December 1 and it's still screwed up. Told me it could take 60 days to see the credit. In the meantime I'm now paying for two phones. And they keep sending me an email telling me that I have to activate the 2nd one, but when I call they say it's active...

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